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Decor Company (founded in 2005) is a software development company which specializes in building beautiful websites and web applications.


Selected projects we are proud of.

Sports Authority

Sports Authority was established in 1919, and is one of the major U.S. sports products providers, with more than 460 stores in 45 states. As part of our services, we have developed a Facebook app for them, which sends out gifts to their fans after every 50,000 new “likes”. The fan page where the application was installed has over half a million “likes”!

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Bausch + Lomb

Bausch + Lomb is one of the world's leading eye health product supplier. The company employs approximately 13,000 employees in 36 countries around the world. Our developments for Bausch + Lomb include five interactive Facebook pages in various languages, including a YouTube player, a poll widget and a component for seeking eye specialists around the world. Bausch + Lomb pages worldwide have more than a quarter of a million fans!

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Royalty is one of Israel's leading jewelry chains with more than 45 branches nationwide. For the Passover holiday we developed a viral Facebook application for the Royalty company. The application created a huge buzz and gained a great deal of exposure, which doubled the number of fans on the Royalty Company fan page.

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Magic Software is an international software company ranked among the 500 best software companies in the world. For Magic Software, we developed a corporate website, based on the Drupal Open Source system. The website is multilingual (8 languages) and contains many modules for easy site content management and display.

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Mobix is a company that provides mobile solutions for reading meters. We created a corporate website for Mobix, based on the Drupal Open Source platform. The site contains many modules that provide user-friendly high-level content management abilities.

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Walnuts is a Facebook application that allows the user to create a rich photo album directly from the user’s Facebook account (in less than two minutes...), which includes: images, status messages, comments and friends. The user can either order a printed version of the album or share it on Facebook with friends.

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Web Applications

We are experts in developing all types of websites and Web applications: corporate websites, eCommerce sites, content sites and advanced Web applications. With eight years of experience and more than 200 successful projects, our team is experienced in providing creative solutions for every challenge.


We are experts in developing eCommerce websites that sell. We provide all services, starting from the study and definition of customer requirements through accompanying and consulting the customer and improving the site after its launch. We use Open Source systems such as Magento for website development, and develop customized components according to customer requirements.

Information Technology

Our information technology department develops web-based information systems that are customized according to customer needs. We provide ERP, CRM and MIS systems and accompany the customer from organizational study stage through the implementation of system. Our information technology department has the experience and the tools to provide the organization with information systems that will enhance the customer’s efficiency and growth.


We love Open Source. We provide the customer with the best and most suitable solutions, both in terms of requirements and budget. In order to do this, we often use Open Source systems and customize the relevant systems to the needs of the customer. Open Source has tremendous advantages in respect to development cost and speed, as well as a supportive community that provides ongoing security and improvement updates.


Our mobile department develops Hybrid applications for all leading mobile device platforms existing in the market today: iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone. The hybrid development method allows for single application development and marketing across all platforms. This development method has proven itself as cost-effective and fast.